It’s that time of year where you can dust off last years costume and don your leather boots – but first all great nights start with a few drinks why not impress with these devilish creations from beyond the crypt! and dance around like a wild beast when the clock hits midnight, here’ a few of our picks…

Swamp Swill Martini

Base: Gin – Salty and briny, served with a Palmetto Bug garnish to spook your guests


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The Blackbeard

Base: Spiced Rum – a devilishly sweet cocktail sure to shiver ye timbers!


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Dark & Stormy Death Punch

Base: Rum & Ginger Beer – Round ice cubes made with lychee syrup and lychees stuffed with brandied cherries, which have an uncanny resemblance to eyeballs


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Base: Rittenhouse Rye, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Calvados, H by Hine cognac  – Seriously slick, a mix of 4 spirits it’s enough to make any one blurry eyed a dash demerara syrup adding what could only resemble a blood clot.


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Devils Margarita

Base: Tequila – Perfectly chilled, a little sweet, a little tart, and a whole lot of yummy, the Devil’s Margarita is devilishly delicious!


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Beetlejuice Cocktail

Base: Vodka – A tall glass filled with a sweet and sour green apple drink.


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Bride of Frankenstein

Base: Vodka / Champagne – Mysterious and dark


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Purple Martini

Base: Vodka – A great looking gothic style cocktail


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Severed Hand Sangria

Base: Red wine – A classic Sangria but wait what’s that floating in it!


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Mr. Hyde Potion

Base: Red wine – This spirited Halloween drink might just be a life-changing experience. The potion is full of herbaceous flavors and a kick that will bring out the fun monster in your party guests. (We reccomend this without the dry ice)


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So what’s you tipple? made any great Halloween themed cocktails? seen any great recipes?.. Let us know in the comments

Have a Spooktacular Halloween


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