So it may or may not come as a shock to most that in England we now have a 5p charge for carrier bags…England is the last country in the UK to adopt the policy, you may not be aware but plastic bag charges have been active in Wales since 2011, Northern Ireland from 2013 and Scotland from 2014.

When did this happen in England?

On October 5 2015

Who does it affect?

You, well its not a massive affect but you will be charged 5p for each bag use per shop, the charge only applies to companies with over 250 employees, so your local corner shops should be safe but it’s not just super markets it applies to clothes shops too. Some items are exempt

Why did this happen?

In England we generate about 177 million tonnes of waste every year, Causing environmental damage – waste sent to landfill produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas so this helps us make steps towards a ‘zero waste economy’
it tries to encourage us to

  • Re-use bags
  • Use bags for life
  • Reduce waste

Companies are encouraged to donate the proceeds of the bag charge to good causes and charities

The stats

In 2013 8 billion single-use carrier bags were handed out across the UK

That is nearly 130 bags per person

This equates to about 57,000 tonnes of single-use carrier bags in total over the year.

Since being initiates in Scotland they have seen 90% reduction in the use of plastic carrier bags, here at London Lick we can only see it as a good thing in the long run.


Go forth and grab you bag for life, or go round your mums and steal one of hers ;)

What’s your thoughts on the bag charge – Good, Bad or indifferent?



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